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One A Day Traffic Co-op (OADTC)

DETAILS ABOUT THIS SERVICE Split test SFI Gateways. We will adverise all of the following SFI Gateways for you plus free bonus MIGHTY101 adverising for two months. No limits on number of visitors your Gateways receive. Once you see what works best for you, you can purchase our single gateway(s) package if you wish. (KeyCode 234)

"FREE" Gateway

ECommergy Gateway

Rewardical Gateway

Flexxity Service Provider Gateway

Astro Auctions Gateway

NGRQ "No Get Rich Quick" Gateway

JMT "Join My Team" Gateway

"Skeptic-Buster" Gateway

Testimonials Gateway

Rewardical ECA Gateway


One A Day Traffic Co-op (OADTC)
Weston super Mare, UNITED KINGDOM

I already operate a Powered by People rotator advertising service under the trading name of 'One A Day Traffic Co-op (OADTC)' and have done so sucessfully since 2019.

Rate $35.00/job
Rewardicals Earn 654 RT/job
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Delivery Digital only
Payments accepted
MY GUARANTEE OF QUALITYThere can be no guarantee other than other than we guarantee all Gateways will receive visits for a period of 2 months plus any Mighty101 bonuses that you may be entitled to. I hope you get some positive results as I want the repeat business, but please bear in mind, I cannot guarantee if any of your visitors will signup.

For Prompt Payment within 7 days of invoice you will receive an extra 3 weeks of Mighty101 advertising. For writing a positive review this will be increased by another week. We only reward this 4th week if payment for SFI Gateway payment has been received.

As well as purchasing advertising visits for your gateway(s), you may be looking to make a purchase to be able to fulfil the 30 days Flexxity rule. In order to do this I notify SFI when you have paid and so pay them their 20% fee. Your ability to turn this tab green each day for 30 days won't happen until I've paid SFI to enable this.



THANK YOU! We've forwarded your question(s) to One A Day Traffic Co-op (OADTC). Expect a reply shortly.



THANK YOU! We have forwarded your request to One A Day Traffic Co-op (OADTC). Expect a reply shortly.