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Safely Advertising Your Business

DETAILS ABOUT THIS SERVICE Targeted Marketing Designed To Help Boost Your Internet Presence

NEW Targeting Feature! Specify the type of people you would like to contact from my extensive list of targeting niches. Targeting is available with all orders.

Unique Prospects! Your ad never gets shown to the same person more than once. Every time we send your ad out it is shown to new people who have expressed interest in your niche or industry.

Professional Ad Copy Writing Included
As a Copywriter, I will write a campaign for you and set up the campaign for you (no extra charge.)


Safely Advertising Your Business
Notre-Dame du Mont-Carmel, QC, CANADA

Your ad will be shown to 4000 fresh prospects who have expressed interest in your industry. Each ad is a “solo ad” and contains only your advertisement. If you have ever tried to sell something online then you have probably experienced the frustration of getting people to your website. Look no further, I specialize in the best type of highly responsive targeted solo ad campaigns that will get people to your website. I sell solo ads that work. Each ad campaign I send contains only your ad.

Rate $80.00/job
Rewardicals Earn 1095 RT/job
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Delivery Digital only
Payments accepted
MY GUARANTEE OF QUALITYWe Start By Finding Out The Type Of Customers You Are Looking For

I will work with you to discover the type of customer targeting that will match your website or business. I will then show your ad to qualified prospects who have asked to receive information about products/services in their areas of interest.

Once we determine the type of campaign targeting that will work best for your business I will work on creating an ad for you. (If you would prefer to use your own ad that is fine too.) Once we finish your ad will be sent to you for your final approval.

Then I Show Your Campaign To Qualified Prospects.

As new prospects arrive in the system I verify them for accuracy and compliance and then show your ad to them. Only the highest quality prospects are used and you can even choose which countries we send your campaign to.



THANK YOU! We've forwarded your question(s) to Safely Advertising Your Business. Expect a reply shortly.



THANK YOU! We have forwarded your request to Safely Advertising Your Business. Expect a reply shortly.