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Turn on Facebook protect

DETAILS ABOUT THIS SERVICE You desperately want to know how to turn on Facebook protect for your account or page? I do submit details, to my clients, about how to do just that. Instructions provided by Meta to turn on Facebook protect are:
1. Click settings and privacy.
2. You are taken to where you next click password and security.
3. Once there, click to turn on Facebook protect. You aren't succeeding is that so? That's why I am offering you this service.

Facebook nowadays randomly ask their account holders to turn on Facebook protect - failure to which they lock accounts of those who fail to comply. Don't let that happen to you! You never know when they'll soon pick on you - perhaps when you need your account most.

Prevention is better than cure. In this regard, advance your Facebook account security now by engaging me with intent to know how to turn on Facebook protect is best done successfully.

Kindly note that I will never ask for your personal information like password or anything else whatsoever - unless we end up working together, concerning this matter, so harmoniously that revealing our email addresses to each other becomes necessary.


Turn on Facebook protect
Nairobi, KENYA

I have enough expertise to offer you this service to your satisfaction. That is subject to you going by my simple and straightforward instructions to the letter.

Equipped with the knowledge I will have given you, you will be ready to go ahead and turn on your Facebook protect. There is nothing new I will have told you as such other than things you already know. Only that common sense is sometimes so uncommon that we need to think more deeply in order to have all that we know at our fingertips.

There are times we get severely depressed when small things like turning on Facebook protect challenge us such that we feel like our world has come to an unprecedented end.

It recently happened to me from the sad day when Facebook pounced on me with a strange email asking me to turn on my Facebook protect by 16th June 2022 or have my account locked. I went near crazy, reacting like a tethered monster after it became clear that something that appeared so simple to turn on and thereafter forget about it was impossible to turn on.

I underwent painful days of trying to turn that thing on up to the day Facebook fulfilled their intention. I was devastated, wondering why me after I noticed my account was locked.

I ended up becoming a certified idler with nowhere very interesting online to keep myself excitingly busy after my Facebook account was locked, my mind got enough time to think about what I should have done beforehand to be able to save myself. Twitter isn't interesting enough so I am never there too much during my free time.

Life started becoming so unbearable for me outside Facebook that I decided to do certain things I never wished to do as a desperate attempt to see if I can have my account unlocked.

I considered myself extremely brilliant - far beyond what others say I am - after I unbelievably was able to turn on my Facebook protect. None of all the highly tech-savvy fellows I had consulted managed to sort me out although I had promised them that I was ready to reward whoever would come up with a workable solution handsomely.

What I am charging you for this service is nowhere near what I was ready to part with to anyone who would have saved my precious account from being locked. If you cherish your account, the time to save it in advance is now and not later.

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MY GUARANTEE OF QUALITYI hereby assure you that by engaging me now - before Facebook locks your account, you will be able to turn on Facebook protect at a cost of only $50 non-negotiable.

However, the cost of serving you if you seek my service after your Facebook account is locked will be $100 non-negotiable.

You need to grab the details and store them somewhere as a safety net if Facebook ever ask you to turn on Facebook protect. In any case there's no harm turning it on soonest to further advance your account's security.

Kindly note that you will pay me upfront before I can reveal to you the details you need to turn on your Facebook protect, whether your account is locked or operational.



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