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Joett Voice Studio


UK-trained pop recording artist offers vocal coaching to help improve the voice you already have! Pop, Soul, R&B, Jazz, Gospel! You are the instrument, Learn to Sing like a Pro! For professional help to become a better singer, connect with JOETT on Skype for only $25 an hour.

Now let's talk about VOICE TRAINING.

I operate internationally, and I'm able to schedule private in-studio sessions and online. My voice training modules are mainly tailored to the long-term student.

So here’s the deal

My new voice training programs, tailored to your individual needs, are going to be divided up into four parts, and here’s how it works.
FREE 30-Minute Voice Assessments

Before you begin private voice training with me, you can come in (in-studio or online) for a free half-hour voice assessment session. I will listen to you sing a couple of lines; run you through a breathing exercise; and then put your voice through the scales on the piano and I’ll give you my professional feedback. It’s that simple. And then I'll allocate training slots that are most convenient for you.

Comprehensive Speech Level Singing Course Level 1

This involves private tuition inside my studio or via the Internet. A program comprises a total of 10 hours broken up into one hour per session. In other words, every private session with me runs for one hour. My studio is open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday from 11 am to 8.30 pm East African Time (EAT).

In this program, you’ll get an introduction to speech-level singing technique with intensive vocal drill workouts on the piano to help rebalance your voice, extend your range AND mend the bridges.

Comprehensive Speech Level Singing Course Level 2

In Level 2 we shall continue with the vocal drills on piano for another 10-hour set. Still, I will be throwing into this program some truly amazing Funky n' Fun Vocal Workouts Parts 1 & 2 to help you develop your musicality.

Comprehensive Speech Level Singing Course Level 3

In Level 3 we shall continue with the vocal drills on piano for another 10-hour set. Still, I will be throwing into this program more advanced Funky n' Fun Vocal Workouts, again, to further develop your sense of music and to introduce you to some of the main musical vocabularies all musicians should know.

Comprehensive Speech Level Singing Course Level 4

In Level 4 we shall continue with the vocal drills on piano for another 10-hour set, but I will be alternating this with a more jazz, blues, and pop R&B vocal workout schedule to help you develop your own unique style.

Please note that Level 4 is also the beginning of your maintenance program. This means from this point on, you may continue to buy your ten-set programs (optional) in order to maintain your voice and to continue to grow your talent.


Joett Voice Studio

For over ten years, I have coached pupils in my studio in Oysterbay… most of whom are expatriates and diplomats living in Tanzania. When their residency terms ended, however, many of my clients wanted to stay on the training program because they simply enjoyed singing and the learning process.

And that’s how my vocal coaching services gradually migrated to an online vocal coaching platform via Skype, Zoom, Google Meet, and WhatsApp Call.

If you want to save a packet on vocal coaching fees, and you’re the kind of person that really likes to sing but the cost has been a deterrent for you in your country of residence, then you will be delighted to hear that I will offer you my professional vocal coaching services online at a fraction of the fees you would normally pay to a vocal coach in Europe and North America.

Rate $25.00/hour
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